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Enterprise Vision
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Tang Zheng companies always follow the "tang for world sheng is the character of this" concept.
We adhering to the internal training and external introduction, having both ability and political integrity, rising talent concept, to absorb and cultivate excellent talents, build up a business, style of work hard, enterprising, has the sense of responsibility, dare to innovation, unity, full of vigor and vitality of the staff.
Companies advocating team first mutual cooperation concept, primary and secondary the team spirit as the core of staff cooperation. In the implementation of the company's development strategy and target of every employee, regardless of the position size of opinions can, straight his opinion, in terms of the specific things, all the employees are our cooperate.
Communication is one of the important consciousness, all employees need to be strengthen communication skills is to promote skills training for all employees. Company from leading to the employees to form an open collaboration mentality, equal to all levels of communication with an open mind, make the information more fluent.
Honesty, diligence, frugality each Tang Zhengren a concept, the company needs to the talent of having both ability and political integrity, employees must be honest, don't lie. Hard work, can bear rich fruit to companies and individuals. Frugal company every wealth, for tomorrow we cast more victory. Through mutual help and self management and collaboration, and cultivate employees consciously, high efficiency, the work style of the best.
The idea for this, learn fast and target positioning, rapid growth, to guide our learning and growth, "concept" fundamentally influence people's behavior. The key to personal learning and growth is not only the knowledge and experience, the key is one person business philosophy, the concept of cooperation, as well as technology, market and management concept.
Employees need to determine their own long-term goal, to study, work and your growth together, form the core competence of the target. The company will actively create conditions to promote employees to learn, at the same time, employees need to learn how to quickly learning methods and application to practice.
Hand in hand, the pursuit of excellence, sharing results. Wish Tang Zheng group, every employee in the pursuit of ideal and career on the road to success.