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"Tang is" the day of the formal research and development of chemical industry and marketing

Release Time: 2015-09-09 13:56:34
Tang is a diversified company, after more than 20 years of practice and development, has become a scientific research, development, production, sales, application services, trade as one of the diversified enterprise groups. Shenzhen City, city, Biotechnology Co., Ltd. since its inception, has been to adhere to the market oriented, science and technology to promote development, follow the "people and, rigorous, efficient, excellence" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, commitment to consumption, tobacco use, daily chemical industry, three major areas of research and marketing of high quality. 2007 was identified as "high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen"; in 2012 was identified as "national high-tech enterprises".
With the rapid development of China's economy, China's daily chemical market is growing at an average rate of 12.4% per year, which is higher than the growth rate of the national economy by Yuan Yuan. At present, China is facing the adjustment of economic structure in the process of rapid development. In this big trend, the market of Chinese daily chemical industry should be changed. From the perspective of domestic and international industry development, daily chemical products as a daily necessities, are changing from basic consumption to individual consumption.
Fragrances are indispensable for the chemical industry as a partner, in cosmetics, shampoo and hair care, fabric care, household cleaning and air regulation, oral care, aroma therapy has been widely used. Tang is the enterprises to adapt to the trend of daily chemical industry development trend, developed and elegant aroma "Tang" fragrance, in daily chemical products to the effect that make the finishing point:
1, Fu Xiang: to give the daily chemical products, fresh and elegant aroma;
2, value-added role: modification and enhance the flavor of the product, so that the product can quickly add value;
3, to cover up the role: to inhibit or cover up some unpleasant odor in the product matrix.
"Tang" fragrance is senior perfumer by meticulous research and industry insights, and the deployment of a variety of, various kinds of fragrance products system.
"Tang" flavor can be applied to the skin (cream, Cleansing Cream, lip balm, moisturizing cream, shaving cream, skin care products, hair (class) gel, ointment, cream, conditioner, shampoo, shower gel, shampoo, detergent (soap etc.), laundry soap, washing liquid, washing powder, detergent, etc.) (aerosol insecticide, deodorant, air cleaner, latex paint, perfume (perfume), Hua Lushui, talcum powder etc.), incense, incense, incense, incense (incense, incense, mosquito coils, craft candle etc.), industrial (Industrial natron, rubber plastic products, fireworks, etc.), such as toothpaste in daily chemical products.