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The baked food additives introduced

Release Time: 2015-09-09 14:04:38
"Food additive" is to improve the quality of food and color, smell and taste, as well as the need for anti-corrosion or according to the processing process to join the chemical synthesis or natural substances in food.
Food additives to improve the quality of food, quality and color, aroma, taste, the quality of raw materials to finished products, to improve the nutritional value of food, the development of new products, food processing, and so on are very important.
In baking food production process, such as no improver of flour products, oil cake, cream of tartar, baking powder, sesame oil, pigment and other raw materials, baking industry will not become a reality, bread, cake will forever be a kind of illusion.
In the Spring Festival before the Spring Festival to bake the food market, the company is currently on the amount of fast, easy to promote the baking series of food additives do as follows:
Le Wong / honey of the emperor's quick cake oil
1, use: used for making whole egg pastry, cake.
2, method of use: directly into the mix cake, pastries made whole egg batter.
3, product characteristics: can improve the stability of emulsion stability, improve the network structure of the gluten, maintain moisture, prevent aging, shorten the time of mixing, improve product development, increase product softness.
4, product features
Can greatly shorten the mixing time
After using the "Le Wong" fast hair cake oil, a short period of time can be made into a bubble, the general mixing time in 10-12 minutes (refer to the whole process) is appropriate.
II raw material foaming, bubble is not broken, the system of egg paste is very stable.
A uniform cake paste texture, fine bubbles, place 3-4 hours after bubble is not broken.
After baking, the volume of the cake increased
The volume of the cake was increased by 10-20% compared with that of the cake oil, which was not used.
The cake structure excellent, good flavor, "lehuang" cake oil and has no smell, smell.
The structure of the cake is fine, uniform and has a good taste, and can also highlight the flavor and aroma of eggs. Cake with a large proportion of flour, especially for the improvement of the organization.
The preservation period, anti aging effect
Using the "Le Wong" fast hair cake oil production of the cake store performance is good, after a week of storage, no change in flavor, to maintain the soft, wet state when baked baked.
The production of cakes is simple, economic
Even non skilled operator, can produce a uniform texture, taste good cake.
We can greatly reduce the production cost.
Refers to the amount of time and pass the time.
5, recommended dosage: the use of egg 3%-5%.
Two. Lehuang / honey royal baking powder
1, the varieties of products: milk powder, butter, eggs, milk powder, extreme coconut powder, fresh cream, etc..
2, the use of range: baking food, solid drinks, cereals and sugar, cold drinks, etc..
3, the use of methods: dissolve the product in water or directly into the manufacturing process in, the product is high concentration powder, direct edible.
4, product characteristics: micro encapsulation technology, good temperature resistance, lasting fragrance, rich flavor.
5, the recommended dosage: the amount of flour 0.2%-1%, the actual use of the actual use of various types of food.
Three. Le emperor / honey Huang double baking powder
1. The classification and composition of the powder.
Baking powder is mainly divided into two categories, one is the common (Xiang Tian) baking powder, the other is double baking powder.
Ordinary baking powder is the main component is sodium bicarbonate, carbon dioxide produced in the heating process using sodium bicarbonate, making baking food volume increases, the loose organization.
Double baking powder is composed of sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium alum, in addition to the use of sodium bicarbonate in the heat release carbon dioxide and also used in the dough of water under the action of the release of hydrogen ions with sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate releasing carbon dioxide, so double effect foam powder can be divided the release of carbon dioxide.
2, the advantages of double baking powder
Compared with ordinary baking powder, double baking powder has the following advantages:
1 double baking powder is repeatedly release carbon dioxide, gas release lasted for a long time, the single release gas amount less (enough stamina, well tolerated, stable gas production), the product volume increased significantly.
The internal organization of food made of fine, soft;
To make the food not to take the bitter smell, including the sweet bubble to beat all the characteristics of the powder;
To make the finished product is not easy to fade, browning;
Fifthly, not containing alum (aluminum potassium sulfate), the product did not have worried about excessive aluminum - is more suitable for large food factory, is in line with the requirements of the "QS" quality standards;
3, product use
Double baking powder, leavening agent, widely used in baking food, frozen food and cakes, steamed bread, food.
These three types of products is our company's baking series of food additives in the quality of stability, easy to promote, the amount of a large part of the product, for the season, the market will make a difference in the follow-up will make different products recommended.