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The food safety modernization act first launch supporting regulations

Release Time: 2015-09-21

State certification organization shall actively

On September 11, the United States the food safety modernization act (FSMA) supporting regulations "food current good practice and hazard analysis and preventive control based on risk" (hereinafter referred to as the new rules or regulations 117) formally effective implementation. As FSMA within the framework of the first effect of form a complete set of laws and regulations, the law requires that all food sold in the U.S. and its production, processing, packaging and storage enterprises are required to meet the good practice (GMP) and hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) requirements. According to statistics, at present our country imports about 2500 food enterprises, exports of 169600 2014, value $7.495 billion.


A few days ago, registered by state certification and accreditation administration department and other agencies responsible for the laws and regulations.

Regulation characteristics, one is the integration of HACCP and GMP requirements. 117 regulations to integrate the original good practice (GMP) regulations (110 regulations) content, and the original is only applicable to low aquatic products, fruit juice, the acid tank top enterprise HACCP requirements of expanded to all registered in the United States food and drug administration (FDA) food enterprises, combined with GMP and HACCP, formation of production, processing, packaging or storing food enterprises mandatory requirements.The second is to control risk expanded. New laws require companies to control not only naturally occurring food safety risks, also require companies to identify, evaluate and control the food industry rules introduced artificially deliberately factors such as risk, thus enterprise HACCP system still need to have food protection function. 3 it is to require more comprehensive control measures. New rules not only requirement for different food process hazard analysis and critical point control, also requires integrated control measures such as raw materials, allergen, recall, more solid and complete control system.
The main impact of the new rules, the first is the enterprise management system faces a challenge. According to the new regulations, exports to the United States food enterprises must formulate and implement a written HACCP plan, at the same time, the FDA has the right to conduct inspections at any time. These are for the establishment of the enterprise management system and implement new challenge, to reach the requirements of the enterprises will be eliminated. The second is the enterprise management cost increases. New regulations on food production enterprise's equipment, facilities, personnel training, management system and so on has more specific requirements, operation and management cost is estimated to average will increase more than 20%. Will further increase effect is late again. 2015 FSMA will also release a number of form a complete set of laws and regulations, such as food produce GAP regulations,Supplier confirmation process, the third party audit/certification bodies, animal feed, prevention and control measures, etc., to form a continuous pressure for imports of food enterprises.
To this, the state certification and accreditation committee (CNCA) take active measures. FSMA released since 2011 and the draft regulations issued in 2013, the state organization research, response and learn from, achieve positive results, has helped 2500 imports enterprises meet the requirements of the new regulations in advance. The sino-us agreement on food and feed safety framework established the FDA - CNCA registration and certification working group, and in the United States for HACCP and food protection theory and application research, information exchange in a timely manner and regulations. Organization to carry out the "to quality, and the efficiency of food export enterprise upgrading", in 2013, imports in China enterprise has fully set up to implement HACCP system with food protection functions; In 2015, the implementation of expanded to the entire food export enterprise. Our country enterprise in the new rules came as crisis into opportunities, and established the imports from other countries (especially developing countries) of enterprise competitive advantage. In addition, they are working to make stable cross training, help enterprises to understand the regulatory requirements in advance, at present has training, inspection and quarantine supervision personnel 600 people, quality management staff of 1200 people.
It is understood that since then, the state will organize FSMA working group focuses on the key changes between the HACCP regulations and draft, update the translation text and read the content. To set up the deal with FSMA imports food enterprise service hotline (010-85770322), email (HACCP@CNCA.GOV.CN), help our imports food enterprises to understand the regulatory requirements. Continue to play a role of food enterprise registration and certification working group of China and the United States, and to strengthen with the FDA in theory and application of HACCP and food protection plan and the result of the third party audit/certification admissibility of joint research, common to carry out the training company of our country imports. At the same time, the relevant agencies throughout the organization to strengthen the supervision of imports of food enterprises, enterprises do a good job in the FDA guidance conduct site inspection in accordance with the requirements of the new regulations. "Chinese quality