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New food additives: forbidden use saccharin sodium in moon cakes

Release Time: 2015-09-09 14:15:19

Yesterday, the reporter learns from yunnan province food and drug administration, in the new standards of using food additives, banned in bread, cakes, moon cakes, biscuits, drinks such as saccharin sodium is used in the food, at present, moon cakes as a key monitoring seasonal food sampling observation, if irregularities found, will be penalized in accordance with the "food safety law regulation strictly.

It is reported, saccharin sodium is a kind of organic chemical synthesis products, with a white powder, odourless or micro aroma, taste thick sweet with bitterness, has long been used as food additives "sweetener".

Provincial food and drug administration, said deputy director liu he found an illegal add behavior, value of less than 10000, 5-100000 fine,Value is above 10000, the value 10 to 20 times the fine.