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The new food additives, gb

Release Time: 2015-09-09 14:17:09
    Compared with the 2011 edition, the new gb2760 basically has the following changes: a, containing aluminum regulations of using food additives. Second, food additives, the necessity of the no process to comb, remove the necessity of the 2011 version of the standard are not in the process. In three, "into the principle of" clear "premix" in the use of food additives. Four, may add food change with a list of food flavors and fragrances, increased the tea, coffee. Five, allows the use of food with spices species number changes, delete the star anise, varieties of natural spices such as oregano, determine its for food seasoning, increased isovaleric acid isopropyl ester of 24 kinds of synthetic spices. Six, can be used in the process of all kinds of food processing, residual list don't need to limit processing AIDS increased by hydrogen peroxide. Seven, revised the appendix f "food classification system".

    2011 edition of the standards of using food additives "although clearly the rules of our country allows the use of food additives in the maximum amount of different kinds of food, but in terms of safety and world advanced and practical application of the standard was still has a large gap, so the focus lies in the safety of the revision and practicality. Such as delete 7 kinds of synthetic colorants aluminum lake in the use of puffed food regulations and remove the necessity of using food additives regulations lack of process. In this remind related enterprises, pay close attention to the new standards, timAdjust production process in the production and business operation activities, a smooth transition, to reduce and avoid the impact of standard content change.