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Salty essence to improve the quality of our diet

Release Time: 2015-09-09 14:18:33
Fragrance is the god of food and the taste is the soul of food. With the salty flavor in the quick-freezing industry and is widely used in food and beverage industry, which are characterized by "Chinese flavor" salty flavor has caused more and more people's attention. The food industry and food industry development in our country needs more and better salty essence to improve quality, titian flavoring. For China's salty flavor industry, both opportunities and challenges, in the next few years will enter a new round of rapid development.
A, salty flavor seasoning into a period of diversification .In recent years, the salty flavor industry as a whole market continues to expand, sales increased year by year, there have been new joining salty flavor industry enterprises. International large essence of increasing investment in China's salty flavor and seize market;China also has many opportunities to the salty flavor. Instant noodles has given rise to salty essence industry in China, the salty flavor seasoning still keep more than 30% of market share; Meat, puffed food and frozen food industry to promote the diversification of China's salty flavor industry started; Compound seasoning and enliven the salty essence industry of China; Traditional food industrialization and Chinese chaining Chinese salty flavor new opportunities.

Second, the salty flavor in the frozen food industry

Currently, quick-frozen food has become the world's fastest growing food, its sales in developed countries accounted for 60% to 70% of all food, processed foods first place with varieties also has amounted to 3500. The United States is the world quick-frozen food, breed of design and color is one of the largest per capita is 60.3 kg. Japan is the first big Asian quick-frozen food consumption market, is also the frozen food in the world three big consumer market, in 3 million tons, annual consumption per capita is 18.2 kg. 10 kilograms, quick-frozen food consumption per person in China more than 300 varieties, the salty flavor of demand will increase year by year, has a huge market space.

Salty flavor has been widely used in frozen food, quick-frozen product development requirements specification of salty flavor.
New salty flavor such as hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract, meat extract has very obvious strong sense and latency, quick-frozen products, improve the flavor of the product, reduce the cost of the product, simplify the production process, promote the improving the quality of the frozen food products.

Due to the variety of quick-frozen product diversity, taste, flavor diversity of demand is higher and higher, so in addition to soy sauce and other commodities, the sauce, sauce, compound seasoning demand is growing, the abalone sauce, juice of beef broth, chicken and other products, demand is also more and more big. Chinese fast food food as quick-frozen another branch of the food industry, is developing rapidly, regulate Chinese fast food is a kind of art and culture, color, aroma, taste and shape has a higher request, products in addition to good, should also be good-looking, which requires the seasoning development specialist.
Frozen food industry is closely related to the salty flavor industry. Believe that together between the two industries, will enrich our food quality effectively, improve Salty flavor in cooking to make all kinds of keeping, burning, grilled, stewed dishes and soup, soup, noodles, rice noodles, hot pot, etc., can make the smell is very strong, especially in the food industry is often used in large Chinese style restaurant chain enterprises, has been widely accepted and loved for consumers.
 Often put salt in the food industry as food flavor seasoning. Always feel that when using can significantly improved after adding dishes taste and aroma. This is a myth. Strictly speaking, salty flavor is used in a food salty food flavoring essence. Cook in catering industry has established the salty food essence as a seasoning in the call, it is ok.At present, the salty flavor in food industry including: taste heavy dishes used in the salty flavor of the more commonly used, faint scent, or lightly flavored dishes don't usually add or add less salty flavor. Good quality salty flavor after use, can significantly improve the flavor of food, elegant aroma lifelike was welcomed by customers; Quality more bad of the salty flavor, characterized fragrance intensity is weak, after using fragrance is not obvious, taste is not full, the problem of short stay sweet time serious will have bad smell, cook called a stench.
  Some salty flavor quality is not stable, the same manufacturer production of the same scent, if it is not the same batch number, there is gap, show quality is not stable. Small and medium-sized restaurant chef in the use of salty flavor, dosage is not very accurate, mainly by experience. For the effect after using, mainly according to sensory evaluation as a chef, also sometimes refer to some customers.

Four is the driving force for the industry development, innovation and service

In recent years, the salty flavor industry has developed rapidly, but at the same time there are some shortage of place. Salty flavor to the healthy development of faster, must be in the two aspects of innovation and service effort.

 Innovation is essential salty essence of the pursuit of long-term development, the rapid development of instant noodle seasoning to drive the rapid development of the salty flavor, is obvious to all. As a pickled peppers, braised pork, beef, spicy beef, old kimchi altar of wild thousands of items such as convenience foods. Innovation in the leisure food flavor, also appeared a lot of, such as barbecue, charcoal burning, cheese and so on a number of flavor. Flavor of innovation from potato chips, potato chips, starch products, etc., involving thousands of item. This provides a very good development way for salty flavour innovation and application examples.
Innovation in compound condiments, such as with the development of chicken essence compound seasoning, produced a special hot pot chicken essence need salty flavor, cooking chicken salty flavor, special chicken soup salty flavor, the salty flavor of chicken essence need special purposes. Also appeared a lot of salt in food &beverage essence of innovative products, such as keeping flavouring agent, such as keeping fragrance fragrance, it is also a salty flavor, innovation and development, rapid penetration performance of the catering industry, salty flavor has been applied in food &beverage show a rapid development momentum.
Salty flavor is used in the production of salty food, food flavoring compound seasoning food in the middle of the products, such as compound seasoning food taste good or bad much affected by salty flavor. No good salty flavor, no good application technology services, will not produce a good compound seasoning food, so it's good to salty flavor used in the compound seasoning food is critical. Even if the salty flavor is very good, but application is not good, will not produce the same good compound seasoning food.
At present, the salty flavor application technology and service is relatively weak, the main reason lies in the effectiveness of the application technology service. Many manufacturing convenience food flavor special salty flavor no instant noodles soup production technology application and technical personnel. Salty flavor application technology will promote the development of the rapid development of compound flavor food, also is the core of directly to the salty flavor used in compound seasoning food, launched a compound seasoning products best-selling brand of products in the future, this is the only way to promote the salty flavor application technology rapid development.Salty flavor application technology will also be applied to the salty flavor of development, it not only can improve the effectiveness of the research and development, and research and development cycle will be according to the research and development process is extended, research and development of the market life of salty flavor will also increase, will achieve "a salty flavor to drive a compound seasoning the high-quality goods", will lead to "a salty flavor of the enterprise and the birth of a compound seasoning products".

Five, the differentiation innovation to promote industry value

With the development of economy and improvement of consumption level, the high-end consumer groups are growing for all natural salty flavor, development and production of all natural salty flavor to become one of the hot spot of some manufacturers, salty flavor also find the feeling of return to nature. All natural salty flavor 1998 China will achieve the industrialized production, and its application in meat products. All natural salty flavor will get faster development in the future, and will occupies certain proportion in the salty flavor.The development of China's salty flavor in the future rely on technological progress, especially the common key technology. Universities and research institutes should become a breakthrough in the main force of common key technologies. China's salty flavor industry prosperity will depend on for food and restaurant industry provide a rich taste the salty flavor of the product, believe tomorrow will be more beautiful salty flavor industry.