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Recruitment Process
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The CV
Web site registration: the job page, select the target position, and click \"apply\", fill out the online resume, then click\"
\"Resume registration transfer can be made.
Recruitment: at the scene of the companies involved in job fairs, you can put your resume directly to the recruiter present. This kind of resume form, high efficiency, be granted an interview possibility is bigger also.
E-mail: can be convenient to the CV, it is recommended to use.
Mail: send mail resume high cost, timeliness is low, is not recommended.
Acquaintance recommendation: your resume to the people who know the enterprise on behalf of recommendation is a good choice. Responsible for the referee to give valuable advice.
First try
After the resume screening, corporate recruiters often to participate in qualifying examination candidates via the telephone, usually accompanied by email to confirm.
Campus recruitment, the enterprise will not suitable applicant resume back to the school career guidance center. For the resume right, try a general arrangement in the campus recruitment day on the second day, place or recruiters based on campus. General is given priority to with written examination and interview two types. Written in a professional knowledge and professional to give priority to. Interview to examine the candidate's comprehensive quality is given priority to, about 30 minutes, generally including personal introduction, structured or semi-structured q&a, simulate the interview.
Social recruitment, try a time generally determined by the enterprise and the subjects to discuss, site general at the location of the enterprise or the two sides decided to. Try a general in the interview is given priority to, supplemented by written examination, assessment questionnaire. Interview, questionnaire method, the written content will be depending on to apply for the post.
The second interview
Campus recruitment, through the first reunion in a relatively short period of time, the second interview notice at this stage, the observation of the candidate enterprises to be more careful. Candidates should be in a more relaxed, open mind to accept any challenge.  
Social recruitment, through the qualifying examination candidates will come into contact with different departments at different levels or even outside the enterprise personnel, talk about the problems at this stage will be more thorough, also a long time and cycle.  
In the last stage of the second interview, the two sides often talks to the salary, for such problems, honest attitude and flexible measures will help to reach an agreement.
Arrange access enterprise
In situations where conditions permit, enterprises will invite candidates to visit the working and living environment, our candidates have fully understand the location for the future work and life.
Receiving report
In case both of us have clear intention, the enterprise will be sent by your clear offer (usually takes the form of phone call), told that it was agreed that employment as feedback report report date, time and attention.
Report to new employee on board need to carry the following data:
New graduates: a small one inch color 6 zhang; Original degree certificate (written); Id original (written); To report for duty card and card of registered permanent residence migration (hukou transfer request).
Social recruiter: small one inch color 6 zhang; Original degree certificate (written); Id original (written); The original title qualification certificate (stay
Check); Original company resignation certificate and original of the \"labor manual\" prove (workers); Copy of registered permanent residence this getting; The floating population plan